5 definitions by uraseed

A phrase mostly used by VSCO girls but they dont actually mean it. they only think that banning straws will help turtles but actually there are so many different things that harm not only turtles but every sea animal
by uraseed September 17, 2019
a boy who dates a girl who is much to good for him but she loves him. dates mostly girls named lioba.
omg lioba and matt were holding hands
by uraseed September 17, 2019
The most funny girl that walks the whole entire earth. She is the most funny person ever. She will always do the most weirdest things. No matter how many times you guys fight she will always come back to you (or you to her). She is hot and sometimes her attitude is saltY.
by uraseed April 18, 2019
Max is the most odd person. He looks like Pinocchio. He tries to be funny but just isn’t. He has no sense of humor. He jokes about kid stuff no matter the age. He is not good looking at all. He always tries to give hugs.
Ugh. Don’t look behind you. Max is there
by uraseed April 20, 2019
A nice caring girl who is very funny and loving. She is always there for you even if she is mad at you. She is very funny. You will always want to be around her. She is beautiful.
Lioba is so beautiful, I always want to be around her.
by uraseed April 18, 2019