7 definitions by unknownweirdo

a girl with a big butt and big thighs to fill that up and a toned stomach ( one of the 3 healthiest body types for a women thick , slim thick and extra/super thick) take nicki minaj for example or any star with her figure but no plastic surgery . thick is great
" damn that girl is thick"
" that girl isnt a snack its a meal"
by unknownweirdo December 8, 2018
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or extra thick is a girl who is thick with a small waist , huge thighs and a large booty with big breasts take the instagram mizz bonds for expamle (its one of the 3 types of thicks and any kind of thick is healthy according to science just as long as its one of the 3 types)
" that girl is thick but a bigger version"
" damn that girl is super thick"
by unknownweirdo December 8, 2018
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a cool friend who will make your day and who you can smile with all the time .
" sara bazarto is the best person on this earth "
by unknownweirdo December 6, 2018
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its when you have a smaller waist then all the thicks and have a big butt butt not as big and the other thicks and obviously a big boobs ( every thick has big boobs if u dont have big boobs u aint thick )their thighs are like an hour glass for example if kylie jenner had a bit of a smaller waist and butt she would look slim thick and for example sssniperwolf's edited photos are slim thick and catherine paiz is also slim thick too ( also is one of the 3 healthiest body types for a woman : slim thick, thick, and extra/super thick)
" damn slim thick girls are a snack"
" healthy girls are awesome)
by unknownweirdo December 8, 2018
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