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The coolest guy on tv. He will score soon.
Butthead: He said wood, uh hehehehe.
by ubd November 10, 2005

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The act of either pooping in another persons anus, or pooping in a womans pussy.
Gary and Tina had poop sex last week. He is a perv.
by Ubd July 07, 2005

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The absolutley most fucked up piece of ball suckers ever in the world of sports. Their fans can go suck Derek Jeter's cock, as George steinbrenner buys all of his players for 200 million dollars. Sheffield, Giambi, rodriguez, and all those other assholes obviously use steroids. The yankees suck balls!
the yankees Derek Jeter is cheating on alex rodriguez with Jason Giambi.
by ubd September 26, 2005

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a large dick with puss coming out of it because it has aids on its vagina balls
stewy, the 4 year old down the street had a huge shabomofone. It tasted
by ubd February 17, 2006

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