6 definitions by ty187

When you drop chilli and the tip of your penis touches the porcelain of the bowl.
Industrial toilets seem to be ok, unless you're hung like Chuck Norris, but when you go to your grandma's house and she has that tiny little crapper with the fuzzy blue rug and seat cushion; you are guaranteed to pestle and mortar that rig.
by ty187 June 16, 2010
A coating of vaginal secretions upon the digits of pleasure.
Digits: Hey man were coated with lady goo.
Vagina: Yeah, cause you gave me repeated beatings and I had to spit all over you.

(This situation created wet glove)
by ty187 August 5, 2006
To shit in liquid form (slight burning may accompany the action).
I ate T-bell last night and now I'm ready to drop chilli.
by ty187 August 5, 2006
1. the ghetto
2. a cornicopia of african americans
Guy: Hey man wheres your new car?
Other guy: Some golfer in boogieland got a hold of it.
by ty187 August 5, 2006
Hit me on the hip laytron so we can tag the clouds.
by ty187 August 5, 2006
A fierce climax from face fucking that blows the back of the skull open.
Lardiss: Hey man wheres Cindy.

Ty: She's dead; last night I achieved thunderhead and now her cranial products paint my headboard.

R-dog: She was kinda weak anyway.
by ty187 August 5, 2006