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When people draw genitals, naked people, naked stickmen, or anything perversly sexual on something that doesn't belong to them
Jane drew a big fat penis on the sidewalk before the cement dried, she committed pornograffiti.
by twizee November 17, 2009

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When some one adds you as a friend on facebook but you keep the request as a trophy instead of adding them back, you own them of facebook.
Joe blow is an asshole so you deleted him off your friends list, then because he is such a dumb shit head he tries to re-add you as a friend, so you own his ass on your request page, to remind you, you face own his ass.
by twizee July 27, 2009

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When you banter with random men/women untill they like you enough to send a friend request.
If satan was on facebook he would be a face hunter, conning people into friend requests, then he would keep their requests as trophies
by twizee August 21, 2009

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When somebody's boyfriend/girlfriend is only in a relationship with them until something better comes along. The boyfriend/girlfriend is said to be filler.
By the way I saw how Joe blow's girlfriend was looking at me, I could tell Joe blow is just a filler.
by twizee August 02, 2009

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