3 definitions by turkeyfunk

mysterious, unexplained bruises you discover on your body after a heavy night of drinking beer or other forms of alcohol
"man, i got really drunk last nite. check out this beeruise i got on my leg..."
by turkeyfunk December 11, 2008
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burger king. this name has been around since the mid 80's and was in use by my friends in racine, wi, BEFORE de la soul or dane cook ever used it...
(the BK Lounge was popular with us because it had free refills)
Q: so what should we do tonite?
A: let's go to the BK Lounge and hang out...
by turkeyfunk September 8, 2008
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a phrase you say to people when they are freaking out from smoking too much pot or eating too many shrooms
"dude i'm freaking out."
"don't panic it's organic"
by turkeyfunk September 8, 2008
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