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bumingjueli(tones: 4,2,24)

1. I don't quite get it, but I think you are really terrific

2. I don't know what you said, but it seems you are great
A: Do you understand what they are saying?
B: No, I don't understand, but I'm impressed(不明觉厉). Looks like they are talking about sth great!
by tuohuang June 9, 2015
"十分感动,然后拒绝了他”的缩略形式 用来形容屌丝被女神或男神拒绝后的自嘲心情

地铁男苦守10月 女神十动然拒

华中科技大学男生王XX,向他心仪的女生送出了一份他用212天时间写的16万行代码的程序 这份程序包括JAVA、C++等多种语言,内容主要是回忆两人在一起做的课设和借景抒怀 他将其做成Repo并commit到Github上,取名《我不愿让你一个人写代码》 女孩十分感动,然后拒绝了他
by tuohuang June 9, 2015
feel happy about something, often used on internet
A: Would you like to go with us to the park this sunday?
B: That's great! Sure, I'd like to go. ^_^
by tuohuang June 17, 2015
A asian styled emoticon.
Usually used when trying to express feelings of confused, speechless, stunned.
User: really she just ride bicycle for 40 kms. That's crazy, I couldn't even finish that...(O_O)
by tuohuang June 17, 2015
英文:Too tired to love.
示例:我很累,感觉自己不会再爱了 (累觉不爱)
Example: I'm very tired. I don't think I can love again.
by tuohuang June 9, 2015