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Also known as post-dick stage, the stage of life that every female enters into after she completes her pre-dick stage. A woman enters anti-dick stage after she’s been burned by several bad boys, knocked-up, contracted a VD, accumulated financial debt, lost her youthful good looks, or all of the above. Anti-dick females have a pessimistic attitude towards men, often displaying gender-neutral behavior not unlike militant feminists. Women in anti-dick stage also often have a strong sense of entitlement; that, despite the excesses of their pre-dick stage, they think that they still deserve some nice, hard-working man to come in and clean up their mess: enter Mr Nice Guy. This is where the nice guy finally gets some action, but by the time girls reach anti-dick stage they are damaged goods. Anti-dick women desire a nice guy so they can have someone to pay their bills, take care of their kids and be their crying shoulder. This may even be a guy that she previously rejected while in pre-dick stage because he wasn’t bad boy enough. All of this is easier said than done since nice guys are usually too shy to ask her out (or may not be interested in a washed-up girl in the first place). Since females have been conditioned to always blame nice guys for all their problems, an anti-dick woman complains a lot about why the men she wants do not approach her when it’s clear that her pre-dick stage behavior is what caused all this hullabaloo in the first place.
Melissa rejected Josh a few years ago because he was too nice and she was going through her pro-dick stage. Now she’s pregnant and in anti-dick stage, so she is pursuing Josh to be a daddy for her kid!
by truerebel August 4, 2010
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dude man, did you just see that gorgeous 5' 9" tasian that just passed by? Damn, I didn't know the Chinese made 'em that tall!
by truerebel July 22, 2010
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Anything But Caucasian: a white male whose lifestyle and interests reflect anything but white culture. ABC's are best known for their emulation of hip hop music and their affinity for dating any kind of girl except caucasian.
Adam is such an ABC. He only goes out with latin girls, he plays basketball and he listens to korean rap.
by truerebel December 13, 2010
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Douche bag + Democrat = Doucheocrat. A zealous big-government-loving member of said political party. Doucheocrats can be typically characterized as surly, condescending, authoritarian-minded douche bags who think that their anti-individual political beliefs are the be-all and end-all of humanity. A doucheocrat suffers from a certain psychological disorder, sometimes described as LWA (left-wing authoritarianism). Because of their self-absorbed nature, doucheocrats frequently make retarded statements like “Jimmy Carter really was a great president” or “you’re gonna get your national health care, like it or not, you dumb hicks!” or "we should invade Darfur and convert those people to veganism".

Doucheocrats will twist reality, undermine civil liberties, common sense and every moral boundary in their lust for expanding government and grabbing power over “the sheeple”. A doucheocrat will wrap this lust for world domination in syrupy, do-gooder rhetoric and label anyone who stands in their way as “lacking compassion” or “bigoted”. Doucheocrats believe in taking innocent people's money and giving it to corporate gangsters, bureaucratic whores and sleazy women. Through extensive social engineering and heavy taxation, doucheocrats aspire to make every man woman and child a homogenized, uncreative zombie living completely dependent upon their pagan establishment.
Paul Krugeman, Barney Frank, the staff of the New York Times

"man, my congressman is a real doucheocrat. All he does is vote to raise my taxes and impose more laws upon me! Why can't he realize that I would just like to have my hot girlfriend and be left alone?!!
by truerebel August 2, 2010
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