The term '''Tasian''' can have one of three possible meanings; 1. That is some tasty Asian cuisine, 2. That is a very fine looking Asian or 3. That fine Asian makes tasty cuisine. The second term was born out of the first after various trips to a Seattle restaurant called Taste of Asia. Being fond of both Asian cuisine and fine Asian women the term is used to express an appreciation of both.
She is a tasian
by tzdevil June 15, 2010
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dude man, did you just see that gorgeous 5' 9" tasian that just passed by? Damn, I didn't know the Chinese made 'em that tall!
by truerebel July 22, 2010
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A tan asian, found most commonly in Ohio originating from Vietnam. This specific race usually occurs when a small asian child comes back from vacation in a very sunny area. They are usually very tiny and hyper. Common interests include Boy Meets World, multiple cartoons, and anime. They also greatly enjoy school and asian women who have good cup-stacking abilities who speak Japanese
Person 1: Tasian Dave is the coolest kid I know
Person 2: I know, right?! He's the bomb digity
by Jlynne5011 February 4, 2009
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Noun: Tasian is a sexy, talented inspirational character. Tasian is so beneficial to everyone’s life. If you know a Tasian keep them dear to you.
Pronounce: T•Asian
Wow! I wanna be just like Tasian”
“I’m tryna get like you, Tasian!”
by HungryDaffodil79 January 25, 2021
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