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A Caucasian female that is less appetizing when compared to an exotic banquet.
Dave walked in to a fine Asian banquet, only to pull a Ham Sandwich out of the back pocket.
by Tower of power January 13, 2015

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visage of greatness and man fluid. Jungle juice
Pants came off and the blacktower poke'd me in the eye.
by tower of power September 20, 2008

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Being a social media GOD while on your throne of brown waste removal.
I woke up and did some trumping before I went to work this morning.
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by tower of power July 25, 2017

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A lady who secretly loves christmas, wears christmas sweaters, dances to christmas jingles, stays up late making homemade christmas cards and bakes tree shaped cookies.

There is no one more in support of Christmas than Christmas Sparkle Ang.
That lady really loves christmas...
That's why they call her Christmas Sparkle Ang.
by Tower of power November 04, 2016

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