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A word that defies the definition of a word as defined in a dictionary.
The Oxford Dictionary recently changed the definition of "literally" to include the figurative definition of "literally". There is therefore literally no definition for "literally" in the dictionary anymore. How contradictionary...
by tobmeister December 26, 2014
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A unit used to measure the rate of bullshit escaping from one's mouth over a defined period of time.
My girlfriend's ERPM (Eye Rolls Per Minute) reached dangerous levels as I tried to make up excuses on why my trip to Vegas ended with me getting married to a stripper and getting a butterfly tattooed on my ass.
by tobmeister January 15, 2015
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1. Referring to the average number of likes a facebook user will acquire for a standard post. Calculated as the total number of likes divided by the cumulative number of posts.

2. Social status defined by facebook popularity.
"My LPP (Likes Per Post) like totally went crazy this week after that picture I posted on facebook of me making out with Shakira"
by tobmeister July 7, 2014
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