A word that defies the definition of a word as defined in a dictionary.
The Oxford Dictionary recently changed the definition of "literally" to include the figurative definition of "literally". There is therefore literally no definition for "literally" in the dictionary anymore. How contradictionary...
by tobmeister December 26, 2014
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a dictionary which gives you only the opposites of the words you are looking for...
People used to laugh at me a lot when I first started learning English...It took me days to understand that I was looking up for the words in the contradictionary !!!
by OzanYurdakul June 26, 2007
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When someone thinks they know what a word means, they look it up on urban dictionary, and are presented with a word that is totally opposite of their expectations. (Also known as the entire site).
sean: "I went to urban dictionary and typed in 'wedding', and it came up with 'the procedure used to artificially inseminate cows'. WTF! they should call it urban CONTRAdictionary.
by Seanacious D November 27, 2010
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When someone contradicts themselves
by Brien July 28, 2022
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