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When an interviewer makes your story so compelling and complete for the audience that your own family learns something new about you.
Dude, I got Kachaturoffed while watching my Michigan Entrepreneur TV interview with my wife.
by tim stephens February 19, 2009

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To create, build, and buy custom products from the internet in the same time it takes to phone, fax, or email an RFQ instead of waiting days, weeks or months for a design and price.
I need custom tooling components fast, so i will speedraft from my iPhone.
by Tim Stephens February 03, 2009

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When someone famous like Donny Deutsch invites you to be a guest on their broadcast media show (radio or television).
Dude, I just got Deutsched! I will be on CNBC Saturday night at 8 bro!
by tim stephens February 20, 2009

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