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A rather lame and abrupt way to indicate the cession of a conversation. This is often used in circumstances where the speaker had little to no interest in the topic of choice in the prior conversation, or when the conversation was "over their head" so to speak.

Predominately used to communicate disinterest.
Jane: And I still can't believe he cheated on me.
Jane: Three times!
Jane: He doesn't care about anything I say or about how I feel!
Jane: You're such a friend and such a great listener, I dunno what I'd do without you.
Jane: Anyway, I gotta run, but I'll definitely talk to you later :)
Mike: kbye

ST Nerd 1: No way, Picard would totally own Kirk, the technology is WAY more advanced
ST Nerd 2: No way, Kirk's the better tactical leader, and the more advanced weaponry can be mitigated my simply modifying the phase variance of the main deflector array.
Onlooker: ...kbye
<Onlooker has left the chat>
by thousandinone October 27, 2005

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An internet fad/meme that essentially boils down to a reversal of the norm. As can be seen in the example below, while anywhere else You would tell a bad joke...
In Soviet Russia, bad jokes tells YOU.
by thousandinone February 01, 2007

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Non-committed partner whom which one engages in phone sex with.

Friends with benefits, so to speak, with all benefits taking place over a phone line.

See also fuck buddy, friendship, slampiece.
My long distance girlfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago, but she's still my telefuckbuddy.
by thousandinone February 10, 2009

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Allegedly, an overlap of 'emo' and 'hardcore' that predates what is known today as emo.

Considering it's constituents, presumably this means cutting oneself with a chainsaw instead of a razor.
An emo kid's self mutilation weapons of choice are razors, broken glass, and broken My Chemical Romance CD's.

When one is emocore, these are exchanged for chainsaws, running circular saws, and metalworking equipment
by thousandinone August 22, 2009

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