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Caliphate (or Global Islamic Kingdom)
The establishment of which is the ultimate aim of the vast majority of 'peaceful' muslims who come to the West. The Shias who come to the West because Sunnis are killing them or vice versa, or the Alevis or Ahmediyas who come because both Sunnis and Shias are killing them, are pretty united in the pursuit of this evil fantasy. They do not want a world where Islam is just one religion among many. They want a world where Islam is the only religion... or at least, one where it dominates everything completely, so that all others can be dhimmified and humililated. So that blacks can be made slaves again, homosexuals executed and and women made half-equal to men. and anyone can be executed for criticizing any of the Arabic superstitions known collectively as Islam.

For this purpose they're happy to make use of all the liberties offered by the 'decadent' infidel Western nations, determined to exploit every weekness and loophole of Western democracy.
Bin Laden: You stupid American crossworshippers, I respectfully invite you to convert to Islam and join us in the noble endeavor of killing all these Eeevil Jews.
(KABOOM!!!) the WTC towers fall.

Bush: Fuck you and your Caliphate !
(KABOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!) all over Afghanistan and Iraq and the stinky cave where bin Laden's hiding...
by theoneverdies August 16, 2007
A crusader against all the evil, retrogressive aspects of organized religion.
Was killed by an Islamic butcher called Mohammed Boyouri (see goatfucker), because Muslims were afraid Theo would succeed in exposing the evil hoax of Islam.

A friend of the most hated infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali, with whom he made the short film, Submission, which portrayed the stupidity of Islam and its brutal subjugation of women.

He had responded angrily to the suggestions that he remove his name from the film's credits for security reasons: "If I can't put my name own my own film, in Holland, then Holland isn't Holland any more, and I am not me."

For making the mistake of putting his faith in the freedom in Holland, he was shot 8 times, throat slit, and one of the 2 knives left implanted in his torso had a note pinned to it, chanting death to the West, Jews and Hirsi Ali.

Theo remained true to his self, until his death. But is Holland, Holland any more?
Theo van Gogh was killed by a fanatic Muslim. But we now have a thousand Theos rising up against the marauding tyranny of organized religion.
by theoneverdies May 27, 2007
A Muslim who thinks the Ummah is still not powerful enough to take on the West and tries to compromise his practice of Islam temporarily. These people are prepared to wait until Muslim countries become powerful enough to threaten the civilized world.

These may also be muslims who practice taqiyya and tries to act peaceful.
guy with commonsense: Do you know what Saudi Arabia teaches its children?
Bush: C'mon. They're a country of moderate Muslims. Now let's take care of radicals like al-Qaeda and the tiny minority of extremists who malign the noble religion of Islam.
by theoneverdies December 3, 2006
1. (to a man) any woman other than his own mother
2. female dog
all bitches are hoes

by theoneverdies May 26, 2007
a particular animal that holds his ass high toward the sky 5 times every day, hoping to get fucked by a certain moon God.
These organisms exhibit properties of mammels, but like to blow themselves up trying to kill homo sapiens just before they die.
Why can't these Koranimal let us humans live in peace?
by theoneverdies December 2, 2006
The Muslim Nation comprising muslims from all around the world, from all different countries. Muslims are supposed to follow their country's laws only when it's not in variance with Koran, but their ultimate loyalty is supposed to lie with the Ummah.
Danish Muslim: Shouldn't we support Denmark in this crisis?
Danish Imam: Fuck Denmark! We're with the Ummah!
by theoneverdies December 3, 2006