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An unattractive man with an absurdly large penis.
"The only reason I dated that loser, Kevin, for so long was because he was a total Ron Jeremy!"

"Some douchebag was buying me drinks all night, trying to act all Ron Jeremy."

"I accidentally brushed up against a hobo's leg on the subway last week. Turns out he's a Ron Jeremy! Who knew?"
by thejennysituation September 05, 2009

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1. A gentleman who goes home with a female in anticipation of a "one night stand", but fails to perform due to alcohol consumption, nerves, or other mysterious reasons.

2. A female who pretends to be bisexual when in the company of lesbians, but refuses to go farther than kissing with tongue.
"That dude was all over me at the bar, but ended up passing out on my sofa with his pants down before we even got started. Talk about a clam tease!"

"Brenda is such a clam tease. Every time she hangs with us butch girls, she acts like she wants a piece; but she's clearly a total breeder. She needs to get some dick."
by thejennysituation September 05, 2009

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