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"damn, sanchez blew his woo woo juices all over hope"
by the rod February 29, 2004

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The soft, smelly creamy white stuff that gathers in your crotch if you don't bathe frequently.
The schmeg from my ballbag smells awful
by The Rod April 29, 2003

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Term of derision applied to any offensive male who hoves into view. Comes in handy at the pub when any male who mistakenly thinks he's 'cool' is spotted. They don't realise that the term is an insult, and thus you escape unpunched.
That mullet's such a rod
by The Rod April 25, 2003

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The semi-circular flanges that hold the cable tensioning devices of a bicycle's gear changing system firmly against the curved frame tube of the bicycle. Usually silver incolour, and made from a hard, metallic alloy.
My new gear changers were supplied without golliwogs, so I had to scrounge for an old set in the cycle store's workshop.
by The Rod April 25, 2003

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