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Something that everyone would be better off if there was less of.
Don't you just love how the government takes your money and dumps it into the toilet?
by The DON October 16, 2002

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The act of smoking marijuana in an enclosed area to which no outside air can enter maximizing the effect of the marijuana through both first and second hand smoke.
by The Don April 21, 2003

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(Street slang, more common in the South) A pound of marijuana (mary jane, pot, whatever)
Dude, catch this buzz, the cat on 52nd street, he sells elbows for a song
by The DON October 04, 2002

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Those who arn't pirates and live on the land. Arghh!
Avast, ye land lubbers! We come to pillage your town, drink your rum, and chase your women!
by The Don November 13, 2004

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witch -- something an Italian mother would refer to her sons girl
Vinnie, are you still dating that bruha
by the don February 08, 2005

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Means sumone who cracks jokess and the boss
"sabir" u crack me up
by the don February 17, 2005

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A member of the US Marines often used in friendly conversation
Hey, bro, you a devil dawg too?
by The DON October 16, 2002

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