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1. To emanate.
2. To have ooze out from or to excrete.
3. To display or project from one's self.
Paris Hilton exudes wealth with a bit of a slutty aftertaste... no scratch that, she's a dirtbox slut.
by the one who will be known as October 2, 2006
1. The epitome of sketchy.
2. Chosen for the excessive girth and danger of a hippopatamus.
3. A person that exudes an abnormally high level of the willies to any and all persons within the scope of there powers.
4. A person who is exponentially more sketchy than all references of sketchiness to the user before that point. Hence, the pinacle of a person's dealings with the noun that is sketchy
person 1: I was trying to score some yay last night but my regular supplier was on holiday...
person 2: ... so whatever did you do ol' chap?
person 1: Well not any nose candy. The young mexicano gentelman you suggested the other week ended up being a real sketchopotamus and I got such a bad case of the willies I almost shat myself.
person 2: Ahhh, do tell.
person 1: Yes, yes
by the one who will be known as October 2, 2006