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1) A "sketchy" (creepy/shady) person who watches from a distance but scarcely moves, similar to how a hippopotamus peers out of the water with only it's eyes but remains still.

2) A not-so-subtle way of alluding to someone's sketchiness.
1) Jim- Anyone else notice the guy over there peering over his menu?

Sally- Yeah.

George - Yeah man, he's been doing that for like an hour. What a f***ing sketchopotamus.

2) Billy- I'm not so sure I trust that Frank guy you've been hanging around with, Lisa.

Lisa- What do you mean? He's a total sweetheart. Just yesterday, I ran into him at the supermarket and then AGAIN at the dry cleaner.

Billy- Let me just put it this way: if Frank had a favorite animal, it would be a sketchopotamus.
by SirBeefcake August 10, 2010
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a descriptive term used to describe anything seemingly normal and safe but in actuality abnormal and unsafe.combination of two words. sketchy and hippopotamus. sketchy like an angry hippopotamus. whereas all hippos are graceful in the water but an angry hippo is a little sketchy.
i dont think i want to jump in the water, that seems pretty sketchopotamus.
by billy bob f tard October 18, 2009
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A general feeling of uneasiness or creepiness, intermingled with fear and driven by a natural aversion to the unknown.

It can also be used as a prime example of Dane Cook's humor (however this is no Dane Cook joke, its just like one!). Basically, take a word, attach another and then brand it.
Guy 1: "Guys, check it out. I was wandering around downtown last night and I wound up finding this dive bar where you have to go down three flights of stairs and finally end up in a room with a tiny bar and a burning trash can surrounded by hobos."

Guy 2: "Shit dude!"

Guy 1: "Yeah it was totally sketchopotamus".

Alternatively, Guy 1 could have said he was feeling "sketchopotamus".
by JMP swampie_d - Auggy doggy February 07, 2010
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1. The epitome of sketchy.
2. Chosen for the excessive girth and danger of a hippopatamus.
3. A person that exudes an abnormally high level of the willies to any and all persons within the scope of there powers.
4. A person who is exponentially more sketchy than all references of sketchiness to the user before that point. Hence, the pinacle of a person's dealings with the noun that is sketchy
person 1: I was trying to score some yay last night but my regular supplier was on holiday...
person 2: ... so whatever did you do ol' chap?
person 1: Well not any nose candy. The young mexicano gentelman you suggested the other week ended up being a real sketchopotamus and I got such a bad case of the willies I almost shat myself.
person 2: Ahhh, do tell.
person 1: Yes, yes
by the one who will be known as October 01, 2006
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