3 definitions by the neighbourhood bicycle

You watch him walk in with a bulge in his pants. You rip off his shirt as he unbuttons your blouse and you slowly rub your clothed pussy against his erected boner. You tease him and dry fuck him as you devilishly look him in the eye. He grabs you and slams you against the bed licking his lips and gets on top of you. He unbuttons his boxers revealing his 9" monster cock. You grab onto his shoulders and he makes out with you. His dick strokes your cunt and your tongue explores his whole mouth. Your wet pussy intensifies and you suddenly grow so horny you flip him over suddenly. You hop onto his dick and ride it like a cow girl. You move forwards and backwards up and down and bob up and down while he holds your hips. He then throws you back onto the bed so your back arches against the edge and he penetrates your slippery pussy as he bites your tits. You grab onto his shoulder blades as he fucks you deeper and deeper.

Man that made me horny..
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When your pussy is penetrated by a dick
he grabs you and pushes you against a wall as you both give each other devilish smiles. You trace his shirt slowly down to his waist as he rubs his dick against your wet pussy. He places his hands on your hips as you put your hand under his jeans and down below. You feel his hard erected dick and smile at him evilly. You slowly unzip his pants and then his jeans so that his horniness intensifies. He then rips your skirt off and your pants off and licks his lips at your pussy. He throws you onto the bed and as you land with a thud he pins your arms down next to you and he'd tease your pussy with his dick as you kiss him. You moan and pull him down as he penetrates your pussy. You sound a huge inhale as you press your titties against his chest waiting for him to penetrate deeper
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When either the male or female is on top in sex 😈
She got on top of me and eyed my dick with a devilish smile. She then hopped on and moved forwards and backwards, riding my dick like a friggin pogo.

I love to ride that slut
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