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acronym- stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersexual Queer and Questioning. meant to be an inclusive term for those who have often been discriminated against and/or marginalized.
whoa, did you know that it is not time efficient to use the term lgbtiqq in conversation, but that it is the best way to refer to the community?
by thatkid March 15, 2005
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a dead corpse that someone digs up to sexually abuse
ex 1: i wonder how many cadavers daniel uses in a week...

ex 2: dang, daniel really used that cadaver...
by THATKID April 18, 2012
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When a girl can twerk so hard that its scares people
Shawnda be shakin' her booty so hard she a twerk terror
by thatKID September 26, 2013
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something/someone to be avoided, chastised, criticized, and/or mocked.
tv is so hetero these days, it's completely worthless.
by thatkid March 29, 2005
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