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witareah; noun: sympomatic human condition brougt on by narcissistic over use of UD. Often will cause contingent side effects, of an intensity, that may be described as UD"D. The side effect of this OCD can not be self dagnosed. The residual splatter may accumulate on "sensitive" bystanders to a thickness that is no longer bearable by said bystander. Inteeligent editors of UD have a propensity to recognize this splattering and shield others from it. This person afflicted with witareah will have no real fans because we all know what happens when it hits it. Leaving their mark in more places than mr. hankee (the christmas poo), it is easy to track down the incontinent one and advise him/her of their condition. Be prepared to have some kind of self absorbed ego massaging rhetoric sprayed in your direction. The source of brownie points
He accidently shit on everyone he knows !! It's gotta be a case of witareah.
by terryzz February 23, 2009
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