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Used as a descriptor for a very inexpensive and shoddily-made product of non-US origin, such as products manufactured in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong
From a product reviews website:

"Eight of the twelve units purchased were nonoperational; but this was somewhat expected of a very inexpensive product of non-US origin - sometimes known as the "Hoo Phlung Pu" brand."
by Telephony January 18, 2012

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Having slipped and fallen on a patch of ice.
Ron: Yo man, where ya been?
Craig: Sorry about that dude. I douched out on the ice on the way here.
by Telephony December 06, 2011

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The same thing as shampee and shampiddle; that is, a bottle of shampoo that's been wrecked because some dillhole uranated into it.
John Grass uranated into bottles of shampoo at the Juneau Receiving Home in the very early-1980s, thus converting them into shampotty and subsequently earning the nickname "The Shampoo Killer".
by Telephony March 05, 2011

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Somebody who infuses molten glass with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium, thus creating Vaseline glass marbles aka. uranated glass marbles -- although other items such as ashtrays, vases, commemorative glass insulators, etc. can be made with it.

Not to be confused with urinal or even urinator.
Hey Bob! Did you know that Husoos is a uranator now?
Yeah, he got a job at the Vaseline glass marble factory about three weeks ago.
by Telephony January 02, 2013

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What rock star Billy Squier often says when he is intending to say the personal pronoun, "I".
{Sung, as in Squier's song, "(Another) 1984"}: Nai can't uranate!

(literally translates to, "I am not able to infuse this molten glass with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium")
by Telephony September 12, 2012

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Far, far worse than a regular milksop; the pathetic cringing little milksop is not only an unmanly man, he may also be a whining little faggot, a crying sore loser, a truly pussywhipped man, a wholly dickwhipped woman, or other assorted wastoid.
Jake is such a pathetic cringing little milksop it ain't even funny -- the little bitch whines about anything and everything. He is truly an oxygen thief.
by Telephony December 15, 2011

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Young children; offspring, kids, spawn, etc.
Hey Helen?
How's that little carpet pig of yours doing?
Has he gotten into any mischief lately?
by Telephony May 09, 2011

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