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abbreviation for "so fucking much"
ilusfm (i love you so fucking much)
iasfm (i agree so fucking much)
by Tegan September 08, 2007
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A female human who very much enjoys pie.
That chick is such a Tegan, look at her love that pie!
by Tegan February 13, 2004
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the coolest person eva who evry1 luvs and is so cool
A: "omg look at that girl shes so pretty and nice and has soooooooooooooo many frendz!
B: "yer she reminds me so much of tegan!"
by tegan August 18, 2004
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Black-haired Goddess
Oh-My-God! Look at her butt! She is such a Lorelei!
by Tegan June 04, 2003
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Used when one goes on a palming rampage.
It's so crowded up in this hizzy, I may have to go on a palmathon.
by tegan May 26, 2004
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The Lunch Table, aka The best six people you will ever meet: Tegan, Lena, Alysia, Shaydah, Margo and Heather. 2003-??
"Those friends are so close they could be the next LT!"

by Tegan December 25, 2004
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(verb) to palm. the act of pushing someones face with one's palm.
You better get outta my way before I palm yo' ass.
by tegan May 26, 2004
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