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A person who knows that he or she isn't perfect, but has came to the realization that he or she doesn't have to feel the guilt of sin anymore because Jesus took care of it. A Christian is a person who follows by Jesus' law: "Love on another," which is the only commandment he has asked us to do. A Christian is a person who follows in Jesus' footsteps:

Hangs out with anyone: the drunks, the theifs, the prostitutes.
Prays for everyone: forgives.
Does not take revenge, but does pray for his or her enemies.
Just because a Christian may gossip doesn't mean that he or she isn't a Christian or a hypocrite. It means that we're still human; that we're still learning to be like Him.
A Pharisee is like a judgemental leader. You should look into that. Make sure you don't think that all Christians are like the Pharisees. The Pharisees were the religious leaders who killed Jesus.
Jesus was a perfect being. He was the son of God; he IS the song of God. He is God! He will always be there. Just as he was thousands of years ago, he still is today.
person1: I'm a Christian?
person2: Not a damn Chrisitan...
person1: but...
person2: don't go preachin' to me damn foo.
Person1: but you don't understand...
by tanya_sue June 12, 2008
Benicia is a town in northern California with approximately 28,000 people.CORRECT PRONOUNCIATION: Beh-nee-shah. No Be-Nee-See-Yahh crap please.
1) a skateboard park on the top of Rose Drive, which means you need to have a car to get there.
2) 1 McDonalds, 1 Taco Bell, and 5 Starbucks.
3) 1st Street... and the dock at the end of 1st where all the kids go to smoke pot.
4) 1 high school and 1 middle school. oh, and Liberty.
5) Every teenager says he or she hates this place, but secretly loves it.
6) Countless small beaches.
7) Rich kids.
8) Kids who act rich.
9) Tourists.
10) asses for police officers who give kids tickets for riding in empty parking lots because they have no way to get to the damn skateboard park on rose.
Person #1: Wanna go to Benicia?

Person #2: No.
by tanya_sue June 12, 2008
It means peanut, but we don't use it for talking about peanuts. When a person calls you a goober, take it as a compliment. A "goober" is generally a funny person. The person could be odd, weird, outstanding, popular, social. When called a goober, just laugh. Goober is higher than weird, it's nicer to be called.

Goober could also be used sarcastically. Used sarcastically could be talking towards a serious, stuck-up, or sensitive person. If you want to tick someone off, be sure to call this in front of the person.
Ex 1.
Tannie: Jorgen's such a freaken goober. He ticks me off every time.
Bah: I know! He's so serious.

Ex 2.
Bah: Drew is such a goober.
Tannie: hahahhahhaa yeah he's hilarious!
by tanya_sue June 16, 2008