17 definitions by tai

1. The action/process of fucking someone good.
1a. Hittin' it
1b. Tappin that ass.
1. Damn, Keri looks good as shit!..I just wanna smash her!
by tai June 30, 2003
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Any of the set of animals that belong to the insect family.
They put flames on my beetle when they pimped my arthropod.
by tai July 02, 2004
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To be completely and honestly serious.
A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment.
To be truthful and not lie.
A truncation of the phrase "dead ass serious".
Guy 1: Yo, swear I saw George (W.) Bush jump that fence for a corndog...

Guy 2: What? nah uh, you're lying..

Guy 1: No, for real! I'm dead ass.
by tai June 30, 2003
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Man, I love Delphiwater.
Tai love Delphiwater
by tai September 07, 2003
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Hair style, usually brought about by a crimping iron, or carefully placed curling iron presses, which results in hair gaining a wavy like, zig-zag design.
Girl 1: What am I gonna do with my hair?...it's all flat an' shit..
Girl 2: Giiiirl...why don't you curl it?
Girl 1: Nah, nigga..that's old...I know I'll crimp it!
by tai July 10, 2003
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What wordHomsar/word was raised by.
"I was raiiised by a cup of coffee..." -- Homsar (via homestarunner.com)
by tai August 01, 2003
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