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Desespoir, my discord mommy <3
by syicide June 24, 2022
yoooo wanna get some coke and be fat like the americans?
by syicide April 22, 2020
im going to go fuckin in sane
epipilled is when you are drugged into believing that egirls are your will to live and without them, you have nothing and are going to be lonely forever. this is in honor of my egirl epi; she made me epipilled
A: You don't look all too well, have you been sleeping?
B: No, I have not. I have been epipilled and I cannot sleep. She is stuck in my mind, my thoughts, my view. Shes the drug that keeps me alive.
by syicide August 30, 2022
yooo heard about the american media?
yes they are corrupted as fuck
by syicide August 7, 2020
a place filled with lack of parents inditivuals
Guy A: Want to hop on discord?
Guy B: Sure

There they encounter people with mental disabilities and a lack of parents

by syicide September 11, 2021