4 definitions by svenmonk

n. proper.
A person and or person that I, svenmonk, shamelessly cyber-fornicate with, over and over again while pasting the logs to baphomet.
I need to find me a new idali. This one's into CFNM and I'm too crunk to be jive with this shit.
by svenmonk September 5, 2003
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A kooky chick who will never cease searching for the answers. NEVER
I need the lowdown, biznitch. I'm a total idali, don't you know?
by svenmonk August 30, 2003
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A superfly oldskool playa with skillz that pay the billz. Word.
Check out that pimp. He be stone cold svenmonkin' like a mofo, biatch.
by svenmonk August 30, 2003
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An eloquent & logically sound if somewhat left of centre justification for revolution or radical change to the status quo
"When you put it that way, it's a straightforward clarknova. It's Tesla time, baby!"
by svenmonk September 3, 2003
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