Different. Not of the same opinion of most who just follow others.
I love how she does her own thing. Shes so left of centre.
by BreeRos January 11, 2018
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left right centre is a game 2 boys play whilst walking behind 3 girls and you choose out of the 3 which has a nicer ass
johno: * 3 girls walking infront* oi david, left right centre?
david :hhmm left for sure, right and centre have no ass
by bullcrap51 April 9, 2017
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Drinking or consuming drugs to excess. So inebriated that upon attempting to sit down on the toilet one misses and takes the left half of the seat right to the centre. Of their rear, that is.
"Broski, I just overheard that lesbian say she went left centre. She must really be pickled!"
by silkbowtie January 10, 2012
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