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two lovers are deeply in love and get to the stage of wanting yo have a 69 then they want to do doggy style but theyre scared their partner doesn't feel the same so they are afraid it will lead to rape, the woman wants anal and wants to suck her partner off but the man just wants to get his dick in her no matter what and eventually they have their night together in bed they wake up with bodily liquid everywhere, then they wake up to realised they fucked so hard the mans dick got stuvk inside of her, but they get it out and the woman pops out twins out of her fanny!!!! he ends it by saying ill rupture your insides anyday baby cakes xoxoxoxo they gives her love bites and they have sex all day in front of their new born twins so they witness baby porn!!!!!!1
YEAH GUYS, you'll never guess what... we finally did it, we did unicorn rupture sex, it was amazing ill do it anytime he can get back in my bed!!!!!!!
by sugardaddyyyyy October 26, 2017
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it means I have a very interesting STD and I possibly may have chlamydia but I just wank with cream so its all Gucci mush. if you don't like memes you're a disappointment and can suck on my clock. you're thinking why am I sat here writing this but the question is is why are you sat here reading this when you can be going to the gym getting exercise. fireworks erupt inside your insides and the local unfriendly neighbourhood pedophile & child molester come rape you erect in your fanny or dick... see im not being racist there bro... wait I mean sexist... you pop your pussy or dick masturbate in public and wank your little brother till he cums in your mouth xox... wait theres more memes are love memes are life... fuck off go get originality and don't use my word you unwanted disgrace to the grass on this earth you dirty asshole. oh and by the way take off your mask its not Halloween just yet honeyboo (kissy face thingy you hoe) yeh go get originality suck your mums fanny and be more inbread than yeast like the fucking queen you slag love you lots xoxoxoxoxo hope this gets published and if it does send me money @69ZooLanePH69suckyourmumxox yeh imam be a millionaire motherfucker eat my nan out fly to space where youre wanter by slags ill be back mark my word hoe (kissyfaceslagemoji)
OriginalityIsRareXox hoe lots of love slag in a bag
by sugardaddyyyyy October 30, 2017
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when two cats share a bed and they spoon & hump each other with pleasure.
my daughter walked in on our cats having a cattoshaggo
by sugardaddyyyyy October 28, 2017
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a lass bends over and gets fucked right in her fanny
69 and doggystyle smd and make me smile
by sugardaddyyyyy October 28, 2017
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Ponys have sex watching porn hub...
Last night me and my boyfriend watched uniporn... He got turned on
by sugardaddyyyyy October 26, 2017
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