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a movie that was actually good before all of the trend following whiney teens and pre-teens started misquoting it. even though they said it sucked when it came out in theaters, they still seem to have the need to watch it 4 billion times and STILL misquote it every 5 minutes. this movie also fell prey to hot topic even though it doesnt really keep in with their emo loserness theme.
person 1: yea i saw napolean dynamite, it was pretty good

person 2: OMG i LUVVVV that freakin movie lolololol GOSH!!

person 1: if you ever do that again, i will bitchslap you


person one: {slap} thats not even the right line, you fucking loser!
by steve88 February 18, 2005

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a store that sells merchandise which teenagers use to make them feel like theyre "punk" or "goth" and alternative. they think it is the anti-abercrombie, when in fact A&F and hot topic are both multimillion dollar chain stores with overpriced clothing. there is nothing alternative or punk or goth about hot topic, its just another store. so dont think that if you shop there you will become different, because it's in the same boast as A&F, only less slutty.
"i went to hot topic today! look at the clothes i got! theyre kind of a goth/punk theme! now i will pretend to be depressed while cutting myself!"

"dont be such a fucking loser, and wear some better clothes please"
by steve88 February 21, 2005

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1. a clothing store that is highly overpriced, because most of the people who can afford to shop there w/o their mommys giving them money have better taste 2. a derogatory name for some one who looks and acts like a whore 3.clothing that is generally shitty, slutty, and boring
"god, that girl is such an abercrombie! all of her shirts are trying to show off her non-existant cleavage!"
by steve88 January 15, 2005

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