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TEARPURGE noun When for no apparent reason, or even for a very specific reason, a person bursts into a crying spell, (tears dropping in bucketfulls, rolls of paper towells consumed) lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to many hours, ultimately leaving the person feeling cleansed and refreshed with joy.
While attending her fathers golf outing, Princess Marianna was quickly reminded of her childhood pet rabbit BUNNYBALL and burst out into a tearpurge, with all spectators' eyes quickly shifting from golf tournament to her.
by stellar60 April 17, 2010
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noun Someone who is addicted to their computer.
MaryJane Idlesmyth could not find anything else to do with her time after exhausting all interenet activities, so she decided to start sending messages out to the world instead of receiving them in, via the internet, hence becoming a professional blogger.
by stellar60 April 10, 2010
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