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skank, slut and ciggarette all in one
what a scret! but id fuck her.....
by stefan April 07, 2004
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Tova sme az i Vankata!!Napravo sme neudarjimi....Vnimavaite shtot she vi marizim...
Spartak-Boxing-Team...Simply the best!
by Stefan April 08, 2005
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To be "blog spammed".

A relatively new practice in the blogosphere where script kiddies and black-hat hackers uses scripts to insert
either meaningless comments or advertisements for products using the open comment fields in a blog.
Aw, dude, I got blammed last night. The jammed my blog with crap.
by stefan January 22, 2004
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Volslagen idioot
hij is een echte thespeedx
by stefan July 08, 2003
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somoene who it officially insane.
Imbayno Mayo
by stefan March 13, 2004
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Xretake (bob123) an evil and hated person on undernet! watch up for his evil comands...
/timer1 300000 /run A:
by stefan January 05, 2004
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Seasonal Affective Disorder. The condition of being grumpy and/or depressed in the wintry months.
I'm sad.
You have SAD! Here are some drugs.
by Stefan November 21, 2003
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