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being screwed, fucked, or otherwise done wrong. Usually by some crotchety old dude with glued on hair and crooked smile who likes to make up rules as he goes.
Rocko: "Dude I only got a 1% raise! But then they showed me my hidden paycheck and I felt better."
Heffer: "Does your ass hurt? Cuz dude, you completely got Sockwelled."
by Spook November 13, 2003

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extremely ugly woman resembling something that lives in a swamp
that girl you were with last night was a bog beast
by spook April 15, 2004

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imma tHug solder dawg
by spook January 15, 2005

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Old English past tense of shit
Your brains were shat from a monkeys ass
by Spook March 09, 2004

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