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engaging in intercourse with a disgusting, mutilated, or otherwise leprous member of the opposite (or same) sex.
Man, did you see that fat, ugly bitch with one eye and the pegleg? Yeah, I yuck-fucked her.
by Spy December 15, 2003

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fucked up the ass,screwed
used on the living end message board.
that guy is sure taped alright.
by spy September 11, 2003

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Rear Entry Pertaining to Penis/Anal Stimulation
daaaamn, Inevitable Seven just got reppas'd!
by spy August 26, 2003

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vinyls with blank (=white) labels. a word commonly used in the drum&bass scene. famous dj's or dj's with connections in this genre receive unreleased vinyls that no one else has(sort of), and gets permission to play them in clubs/partys around the world... while other smaller name dj's get stuck playing the same tracks that have been rinsed for 4 months before release.... the word originated from the oldskool dancehalls in jamaica...

dnb massive!
did you hear that nu whitelabel d.kay rinsed out last nite?
by spY November 13, 2003

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opposite of the living end
poster on msg board of said band.
the dying start is kirsty's bitch
by spy September 11, 2003

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To join others in a swell game of Smash Brother's on the N64 or Game Cube System.
"Let's Smash!! By the way...Luigi is mine!!"

"Do you guys wanna Smash later?"
by Spy April 13, 2004

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Deceptive strain of STD that infects individuals through peer pressure and confusion.
All the bumps around moph's anus brought about his worst fear as the doctor confirmed he's caught the infamous Pieaux.
by spy August 26, 2003

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