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A variety of breast proboscis that features a puffed aureole usually accompanied by a nipple that is of an above average size. The "puffy nipple" is attractive to many a man and women and in some circles considered a fetish.
"I got busy with this gal last night, she had these righteous puffy nipples. When I saw them I did a motorboat and went to town."

"I love me some puffy nipples. They don't even have to be on big titties, as long as they are pink and puffy..."
by sonickrrang August 06, 2008

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1. Any person who conforms to a fashion statement rather than an ideal or way of life. Most American universities, colleges and secondary schools keep a steady population of poseurs, usually in art classes and libraries. The poser is known to congregate in small groups, usually of their own ilk, or with real punkers or metalheads in an attempt to fit in. The telltale sign of a poseur is their lack of knowledge of music, art and the culture they are pretending to portray. As an example, the roots of the punk rock movement was based more on all out rebellion and an attitude going against the social status quo and morays. In contrast, the poseur holds none of these values, yet will pretend to.
"My advanced ceramics class is chock full of hipster poser fucks. All they do flip their scarves around and talk about going to shows and making out and doing their hair."

"Did you see those two hardcore guys beat the snot out of that poser guy after the show?"
"Yeah, they broke his nose and stole his scarf"
"Serves him right for wearing a scarf in the summer"
by sonickrrang August 13, 2008

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