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adj. The simultaneous feelings of disgust and contentment that a person feels after having been so hungry that said person stuffs his or herself so that they can barely breath without exploding.
I was so hungry during class, but after I went to Philbrook and ate everything in sight I felt wicked fat-nasty.
by something good February 10, 2005
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adj. When something is completely unfair or backwards. Often refers to quizzes, test, or homework that has nothing to do with what one is learning about in class.
"Dude, I just took that exam in math, it was bunksauce! I think Professor Smith pulled the questions out of his ass!"
by something good February 10, 2005
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Not only is the noun that is being referred to totally wack , but it is a wack that is so horrible that you need to add the wiggity infront of the wack. It is has approximately ten times the potentcy of regular type wack. Only to be used in cases where a person is exhibiting extreme stupidity, bitchiness, whining, etc.
"Bill you are acting like you are five years old. I didn't ever think I'd have to say this to anyone...but you are acting completely wiggity wack right now."
by something good February 10, 2005
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