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An extension of phaffing. Done to delay an activity for the sole purpose that someone else recommends or wants to do that activity.
1: "Are you ready to go to breakfast yet?"
2: "Yep, but I'll just be a minute"
1: "How about now, are you ready yet?"
2: "Yep, but I just have to do something"
1: "Stuff it, I'll just eat at home"
2: "OK, I'm ready now - let's go!"
1: "You are such a Banna-Phaffer"
by sniffablepurse May 17, 2007
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The name given to men, especially those of scottish origin, who leave a party early to go home. The implication being that the man would prefer to go home and do the ironing than hang out with his mates.
Stu! Don't go home again! Iron your shirts another day! I am changing your name to Shirty McIron.
by sniffablepurse March 21, 2007
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A form of grumpiness that occurs in the morning before one's first shit.
Don't go near Russ the Muss this morning. He's a bit shumpy.
by SniffablePurse July 23, 2006
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