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Skates with moles for wheels
ROGER:'hey jeff, why are your rollerskates trying to burrow for shelter?'


ROGER: 'thats cruel man, moles are living things'

JEFF: 'your just jealsous because i had sex with your girlfriend in the spinika tower'

ROGER: 'i dont why i hang out with you, your really insencitive'

JEFF: 'thats what she said!'

ROGER: 'what does that even mean?'

TYRONE: 'hey guys, what you doing?'

ROGER: 'telling jeff what a dick he is'

JEFF: 'im gona go stand in a puddle and drown my moleskates'

TYRONE: 'yea jeff you really are a dick'

ROGER: 'ahhhh theres oysters everywhere!'

TYRONE: 'i told you not to where your oysercles to the oyster club'

ROGER: 'i think i got water on them'

TYRON: 'that makes them moisterles! moron!'

ROGER: 'Oh yea...silly me'

TYRON: 'hey i hear jeff did your woman in the eiffel tower'

ROGER: 'he told me it was the SPINIKA tower'

TYRON: 'not what he told me' ROGER: 'i feel so played...'

JEFF (coming back): 'they're dead'

ROGER: 'fuck off jeff...'
by sneakybitch March 20, 2009
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When your Oystercles get wet.
'aww man, my oystercles are all wet''yea, you got yourself a pair of moistercles''nigga please!'
by sneakybitch March 19, 2009
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specticals that only see oysters

'hey man, pimp oystercles'

'sneaky fucking oysters, i've got you now!'

'oh my god these oystercles are crunk'

'best 3 million yen i ever spent!'

'mate, you know you've got an oyster wedged in you're pancreas'

'i did myself with my oystercles last night'
by sneakybitch March 19, 2009
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The gonzo is a sexual manuver which entails gouging out the eyes off ones lover, and stapeling them next to the penis of yourself, or someone else, to the left and right, just above the shaft. Hense representing the lovable features of popular muppet charictar: 'GONZO' This will no dought trigger the haughty chuckles of a more relaxed partner, or the promt arrest of said 'gonzooi' if your partner is, for some wild reason, repulsed by it.
'you've been gonzoed'

'some joker gonzoed me last night'

'i whacked out gonzo in a playground yesterday'

'yea bitch! gonzo me good!'
by sneakybitch March 18, 2009
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