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Skates with moles for wheels
ROGER:'hey jeff, why are your rollerskates trying to burrow for shelter?'


ROGER: 'thats cruel man, moles are living things'

JEFF: 'your just jealsous because i had sex with your girlfriend in the spinika tower'

ROGER: 'i dont why i hang out with you, your really insencitive'

JEFF: 'thats what she said!'

ROGER: 'what does that even mean?'

TYRONE: 'hey guys, what you doing?'

ROGER: 'telling jeff what a dick he is'

JEFF: 'im gona go stand in a puddle and drown my moleskates'

TYRONE: 'yea jeff you really are a dick'

ROGER: 'ahhhh theres oysters everywhere!'

TYRONE: 'i told you not to where your oysercles to the oyster club'

ROGER: 'i think i got water on them'

TYRON: 'that makes them moisterles! moron!'

ROGER: 'Oh yea...silly me'

TYRON: 'hey i hear jeff did your woman in the eiffel tower'

ROGER: 'he told me it was the SPINIKA tower'

TYRON: 'not what he told me' ROGER: 'i feel so played...'

JEFF (coming back): 'they're dead'

ROGER: 'fuck off jeff...'
by sneakybitch March 20, 2009
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