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The time period between bustin' a nut and being able to bust a nut again.
So i was fuckin this chick, then we cooled down for a reload, then i was fuckin her some more.
by smash December 13, 2002

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This word originated in the cape flats, south africa and is used by the coloured youth and gangsters. It carries a variety of meanings which include: to mess up, to hurt, to inflict serious damage/pain. The noun of the word generally means ugly or not in a working condition/state.
"Jou goose is mos verdala" - Your girlfriend is ugly
"Ek gaan jou verdale" - I'm going to fuck you up beyond your blood group.
"Your car is verdala" - Your car looks terrible and may not work mechanically.
"Die kinners is mos verdala" - The girls are very fucking ugly.
by Smash December 02, 2004

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when a girl's ass is so small it resembles that of a dog's.
wow that girl has a nice body, but a dog butt
by SMASH October 31, 2012

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The condition in which a person develops a chronic cough due to running under horrible conditions and smokin madd weed in the summer.
Yo son I got tizik and that shit wont go away!
by SmAsH January 29, 2004

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Adj. Chay is a hybrid word. It originates from "yeah" which evolved into "cheah!" With the addition of "yay!" we form the most excited word of the new millenium, which should be spelt in caps with an exclamation mark for full effect.
Timmy from the Camels dedicated me a song. CHAY!
by smash April 22, 2005

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(n): The act of Buddists partaking in sexual intercourse. Preferably with a man named Daryl, no specific preference to who Daryl is.
" Man I want to have Buddisex with a man named Daryl"
by smash April 11, 2005

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