In Greek mythology, Erato is one of Apollo's Muses (Muse of romantic poetry). The name means "desired" or "lovely".
Erato is a fascinating muse.
by EratoSeanna September 4, 2009
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Erato is one of the funniest and kindest people you‘ll ever meet. Not only does she have the funniest jokes, she also has the wittiest comebacks. She‘s a real sweetheart and when she calls you her friend, you can consider yourself really lucky, because Erato cares a lot for her friends and she would fight for every single one of them. She has a very big heart that is open for everyone and everything. Erato‘s have a lot of charms and they tend to leave a positive impression on everyone. They also tend to drink a lot and enjoy their life at partys.
Guy 1: I‘m having trouble with this essay and I don‘t know who to ask
Guy 2: ask Erato! She‘s kindhearted and loves to help other people!
by Alitailoveyou February 8, 2019
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