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When a team of software developers have a night out on a weekday, there is one designated not to get drunk so that he/she can work successfully the next morning.
Stuart: Why isn't Steve drinking tonight?
Josh: He's the designated developer
by shukii March 22, 2011
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A sexual challenge where each ring colour represents a different activity:

Blue: Sex in water
Red: Sex on her period
Black: Anal Sex
Green: Sex outside
Yellow: Sex involving urine
Me and the girlfriend wanted to spice up our relationship, so we attempted the olympic rings sex challenge
by shukii June 25, 2010
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In the moment whilst programming. When you are in full swing and a distraction would be a really bad thing to happen.
John: Steve, ask Luke if he wants to come to the pub.
Steve: I wouldn't, he's wired in atm!
by shukii October 22, 2010
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