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ugly as per minging
she's pure mingin
by Shrek November 24, 2003
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Military term for members of the British Forces. So named because thier food is of a much lower standard in comparison to that of thier allies.

Alternate definition: due to the fact that british food sucks sooooo bad they are commonly refered to as Shit-eaters
Only Shit-eaters serve deep fried eggs for breakfast, along with deepfried toast.
by shrek March 24, 2005
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Young ladies who get drunk on pimms at garden parties and proceed to shed their panties for young studs.
The party was spoiled by the distinct lack of pimms filters in attendance, there were a couple of cougars there so all was not lost.
by Shrek March 08, 2005
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A situation where someone is producing more than just hot air speaking thru his ass, thus producing absolute bullshit.
There appears to be a preponderance of googlee in the air. Thanks for wasting my time.
by shrek August 20, 2004
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(Cup of Fart) It is when you cup your hand to your butt and fart in it. Then quickly bring your hand to your nose and smell it.
by Shrek June 05, 2003
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