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Dusty aggregation of plant matter rolled along the ground by the desert wind. A cliche of Western movies, emphasising silence or stillness, e.g. as the hero rides into an apparently deserted frontier town. Often used in connection with the death of a conversation after one participant unwittingly reveals that they are a moron. See also tumbleweed moment.
"But then Katie made a singularly unfunny cancer joke..."
"Ah. Tumbleweed?"
by shoggoth August 10, 2003
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The sudden stunned silence that falls on a room after a person says something stupid, unfunny or offensive. Refers to the tumbleweed featured in cowboy movies.
"...until Mrs Bush leant across to ask Condoleeza whether black men really did have bigger ones. The President broke the tumbleweed moment by declaring war on France."
by shoggoth August 10, 2003
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Phrase associated with disgraced Scottish soccer player Frank McAvennie, and delivered in mock-amazement at something not remotely surprising.
by shoggoth August 10, 2003
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