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A variation of the military and law enforcement term "ate up", which is a military term used to express someone's uselessness and inability to perform any task.

Also used to express a pointless or chaotic situation such as an unorganized task where nobody knows what they should be doing.

Finally, it is used to describe a hopeless situation.
example#1-Bob: "Hey, I heard Kevin could not score a 280 on the pistol course."

Fred: "Yeah- he's more 8 up than a soup sandwich".

example#2: Bob: "They want us to complete this assignment by next week, but no one knows who is supposed to be doing what"

Fred: "yeah, that's 8 up"

Example#3: Bob: "Dude, we are stuck in the middle of the desert, and I just ran out of water".

Fred: "yeah, this is 8 the fuck up"
by shitbagger August 26, 2007

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The act of using any availiable resource to avoid working. This act generally requires weak excuses or more effort than the originally required.
Bob: "The boss wants me to write this spreadsheet by tomorrow- so I told him that my Mom died"

Fred: "that's some shitbaggery right there!"
by shitbagger August 25, 2007

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