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Pooh. Originating from the term "duece" One who has crapped their pants is said to have "Dusage"

This word can easily be substituted for the words: crap, shit, dookie, caca, poo poo, boo boo, etc.
Hey, what stinks? Does the baby have dusage?
by shilzy June 09, 2009

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like Kegels but for your bunghole.
Phil knew he should do his begels before Rob came by for his visit.
by shilzy September 28, 2009

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A day to celebrate the awesomeness of fake meat and anal. This day was created today in response to steak and BJ day. What a douchebag holiday, "I eat cow and get(give in Idontdotricks case) BJs at the same time!!! I'm really great!, LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!
I'm so fucking glad steak and BJ day is over!!! Hurry up and PIITB, it's boca burger/anal day ninja!!!
by shilzy March 17, 2010

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