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A god of Mayonnaise some would say. This person will bathe, will consume, will even do intercourse with Mayonnaise... The amount of things this type of person will do with Mayonnaise is uncountable... There are just too many possibilities.
Person 1: Have you heard about Matthew? He's become such a Mayonnaiser
Person 2: I know right, he brings that jug of Mayonnaise everywhere.
by shane_y May 15, 2020
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how did you even find this?
Person 1: Woah that dude is lucky, he smashed his keyboard and found a definition!
Person 2: nlknwkldnoiandlkasnd
by shane_y April 24, 2020
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Commonly confused with "Caldwell" or "Chadwick." and is even underlined as incorrectly spelt when in writing. The last name Chadwell was originally derived from a family having lived in one of the various places called Chadwell in the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, and Wiltshire. The surname Chadwell is derived from the names of these settlements, which are ultimately derived from the Old English words ceald, which means cold, and wielle, which means spring or stream. The surname Chadwell was first found in Essex at Chadwell, a parish, in the union of Orsett, hundred of Barstable. "At the time of the Norman survey, the parish belonged principally to the Bishop of London, and some portions to Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, and others.
John: Hello, Mr. Caldwell
Shane: It's Chadwell..
by shane_y October 09, 2019
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When someone shoves a fruit up your ass out of nowhere
Person 1: Hello.
Person 2: Yeah.. Sorry I rapefruited you
by shane_y April 11, 2020
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An absolute, no doubt, GOD upon men. No one in history has ever, or WILL EVER be better than this man, he is the best possible human, the best possible anything in that fact. If you have the HONOR to speak to this GOD, you better treat him with the utmost RESPECT, because you're so lucky to even be in the same TIME FRAME as this man.
Person 1: I think I made a new religion, our god is Shane Chadwell. It's just nothing beats that man, he's just way too good at anything and everything, nothing beats him, nothing is better than him, nothing will ever beat, nothing will ever be good enough to even compare to him. I mean, you can't even compare him to anything, he's just way too high of a stat to even be compared to anything.
Person 2: Oh my god... You're so right...
by shane_y May 15, 2020
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is a cool word
Person 1: says any cool word
Person 2: wow that is a cool word
by shane_y November 04, 2020
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