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someone who tries too hard. a poser. one of those chic's who holds the sign saying "Carson Daly is Hot." the asstard who goes to a rock show because they heard one of the songs on the radio or mtv. or someone who insists on wearing velour sweat suits. Avril Lavigne.
Jane is a tool because she dresses like Avril Lavigne while listening to New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional just becuase Carson Daly told her to.
by sham February 08, 2003

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a complete idiot
the gizmanauts were hoppin off me in the pub last night :ie there were a lot of idiots around
by sham August 19, 2003

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sexual intercourse.
"I love it when girls let me splak on the first date."
by Sham November 19, 2003

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1. Someone who shoots tuna at whalehunters and has sex with phallic-looking branches.

2. Any number of peacelovers, naturalists, vegetarians, people who like Wham!, people who think Greenpeace will save the world, people who are in Greenpeace, people who think that the only solution is diplomatic talk, people that think eating meat is an infringement upon animal rights, people who sincerely believe that the damned cat who poops on my veranda has rights, and that I should not be allowed to shoot the damned thing, people that throw paint on people in fur coats and/or other various nutters.
1. "Mmmm... that is one SEXY tree"
2. "Treehuggers of the world unite! George W. Bush and his evil regime must be squashed!"
by Sham August 17, 2003

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According to the great Theo, men use St. Pat's day as an excuse to touch women who aren't wearing green.
Guy: looks like you arent wearing green, its saint patricks day! *pinches breasts*
Girl: Ahh you caught me
Guy (inside): =) =) =) VICTORY!
by sham March 19, 2004

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